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After lots of discussions/negotiations with the IT Hardware Industry, the Government said that it only wants to monitor the import of IT goods and not restrict them from imports. In the end however it appears … Continue reading

We are delighted to provide you with the latest updates in the world of international trade and e-waste management. As part of our commitment to keeping you informed, we bring you the key highlights of … Continue reading

New Delhi, June 7 – In a bid to navigate the complexities of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations while promoting trade compliance and environmental sustainability, micro and small producers in the plastic packaging industry have … Continue reading

While unveiling the New Foreign Trade Policy, 2023, the commerce Minister introduced an amnesty scheme for one time settlement of default in export obligation by Advance Authorisation and EPCG authorisation holders.  Accordingly, the DGFT has … Continue reading

After extending the existing Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 for the last 3 years initially due to Covid pandemic and then because of the volatile geo-political scenario, a NEW Foreign Trade Policy 2023 was announced today … Continue reading

Government added about another 1705 products for much needed RoDTEP benefits in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Iron & Steel sectors.  Now there are a  total of 10436 products eligible for RoDTEP benefits. The incentive will be … Continue reading

Export Incentive is not a right and can be withdrawn anytime — In a recent case, the Supreme Court of India dismissed the appeal filed against the Assistant General of Foreign Trade and pronounced the … Continue reading

The five-year Foreign Trade Policy (2015-2020) valid till 31.003.2020 was extended as the Government announced that the new policy would be deferred by one whole year because of the upheavals caused by “unprecedented” Covid-19 pandemic.  … Continue reading

IMPACT ON EXPORTS & IMPORTS While Budget is largely considered to be uneventful on the taxes front, there are certain items that would impact Exporters and Importers. Only those items that have strategic impact are … Continue reading

 SEIS Update   Anxious wait of Service providers who earn Foreign Exchange of 2019-20 finally ended when DGFT finally notified the eligible services and rates to claim SEIS incentive. Amid serious budget constraints, maximum entitlement under SEIS has … Continue reading

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