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SEZs (Special Economic Zones)

SEZs are treated as virtually a foreign territory for the purpose of duties. All the supplies going to SEZs are considered are considered as exports. This given an opportunity to all the suppliers and contractors to avail of various benefits available under Foreign Trade Policy, including Duty Exemption Schemes, like: Advance Authorizations, DFIA, Duty Drawback, EPCG, Deemed Exports and all others direct and indirect benefits.

Since supplies to SEZ are considered as exports, they are eligible for all the export benefits like Duty Drawback, Advance Authorization, EPCG, etc. We assist you in assessing the feasibility of the scheme for your purpose, complete planning etc. Then we assist in carrying out all the formalities, documentation, application preparations, representation and coordination with the relevant authorities till receipt of relevant benefits in the form of approvals, Authorizations or Duty Drawbacks etc.

Service units operating under SEZ can also avail of SEIS benefits

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