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We consult, identify the problem and possible benefits, plan, do all the documentation needed (online and offline), represent before various authorities, coordinate between different agencies, the legal systems in the country, and finally deliver the Solutions, Benefits or Approvals, with regard to the Imports & Exports and defined Domestic procurements.

For Infrastructure Projects, Power Projects, Oil Exploration Projects and other similar projects, there are benefits of DEEMED EXPORT under the Foreign Trade Policy. We consult, do the documentation that is needed, represent with the authorities so as to get the benefits finally in the hands of the client. In certain cases, we have been able to pull these benefits even for the past cases.

We also undertake the turnkey jobs of a particular project, which may include logistics, customs clearances, licensing, approvals (like project imports), Duty benefit schemes (like EPCG, Advance Authorisation, others), and related requirements. This helps the client in interacting with only one source, and better planning, documentation sequencing and utilization of benefits, and helps in substantial cost reductions.

For Foreign clients, we can be IOR/EOR Importer on Record/Exporter on Record, in case they do not want to get themselves registered in India for strategic reasons or do not want to create an entity here for cost-saving purposes. Using our experience in managing all matters related to procurements/exports/imports in India, we can be of very efficient assistance both for cost savings and for strategic purposes.

We can take the jobs on a turnkey basis or part of the total jobs, as per the comfort of the clients. Our services relate to –

Foreign Trade Policy:

for Physical Import & Export:

  • Restricted Import / Export Authorisations, SCOMET Authorisations,
  • Policy clarifications, interpretations etc.
  • Promotional Schemes like MEIS, SEIS, and erstwhile Serve from India Scheme, Focus Product, Focus Market, VKGUY, Status Holder Certificate etc.,
  • Duty Exemption Schemes like Advance Authorisation, DFIA
  • Norms fixations and ratification,
  • EPCG: for Manufacturers, Service providers etc,
  • EOU /STP/ EHTP/BTP matters (Deemed Drawback, CST refund, TED Refund etc., Bonding, De-bonding etc.)
  • Adjudication Matters.
  • All other matters related to Foreign Trade Policy.

for Deemed Exports:

  • For supplies to EOU”S, IBRD / IDA / ADB / UN funded Projects, Power Projects, to holders of Advance Authorizations/ EPCG etc

for Service Exports:

  • Identify and execute the benefits under EPCG, SFIS, SEIS scheme etc.

Customs, GST and pending Indirect Tax Procedures for Exporters and Importers :

  • Advice and planning on Customs Law and Procedures, correct classification, duty calculations, duty saving opportunities and schemes
  • Documentation and Representation leading to smooth customs clearances with optimum benefits.
  • Planning, documentation and representation for GST refund procedures
  • Planning, documentation and representation for refund of SAD for import Traders
  • Planning, documentation and representation for refund of Service Tax for Service providers
  • Planning, documentation and representation for refund/rebate of Excise Duty for Exporters
  • Other refunds and related matters

SVB matters :

  • Planning, documentation and representation of SVB (Special Valuation Branch) for transfer pricing related matters for MNC”s

Exim Jobs related to Other Government Agencies (OGA) :

  • Project Import Approvals from Industry and other relevant ministries
  • Registration with Ministry of Environment & Forests under Battery Management Rules
  • Approvals from Ministry of Environment & Forests for those items that are restricted for import under environment laws
  • Registration / Approval of HRACC / DOT with Ministry of Tourism
  • Representations with WIRELESS PLANNING & COORDINATION (WPC) with regard to Import Licenses
  • Other ministries that are involved in Exim trade.

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