Ahead of announcing rates under the RoDTEP scheme for all export sectors, the Government has decided to continue with the RoSCTL (Rebate of State and Central taxes and Levies) with the same rates as was earlier notified by the Ministry of Textiles vide Notification dated 8th March 2019 on exports of Apparel/Garments (Chapters-61 & 62) and Made-ups (Chapter-63). The scheme will now continue till 31st March 2024 with the aim that it will help to boost economic growth, exports, and job creation. The scheme actually came to replace RoSL and MEIS which expired in December 2020 and was supposed to be superseded by RoDTEP w.e.f. 01.01.2021.

Decision has been taken by the Government, considering that the continuation of RoSCTL for garment exporters will make these products globally competitive by rebating all embedded taxes and duties which are currently not being rebated under any other scheme.

The exports under Chapter-61, 62 & 63 would not attract the benefits of RoDTEP. However, the textile products which are not covered under the RoSCTL would be eligible to get the RoDTEP benefit.

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